Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

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Nanit pro baby monitor: Test if it's for you

Nanit pro baby monitor is a top-notch and feature-rich baby monitor. But it's not for everyone. We suggest you don't buy it before taking this quick test to determine if it's the right choice for you!


At what distance from the baby's room will the baby monitor be placed?

Is it important to you that the baby monitor transmits video from the baby's room? Or will it be enough for you to hear only the baby's voice?

Is the ability to play calming music from the parents' unit important to you?

What is your budget for a baby monitor?

Would you be willing to invest more in a baby monitor with a quality screen that allows clearer night vision?

Is it important to you that the baby monitor also contains a sensor that shows the temperature in the baby's room?

Two-way communication: Is it important for you to be able to calm the baby from a distance by talking to him through the baby monitor?


The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor is the best choice for easily keeping an eye on your baby. It gives you very clear video in 1080p HD, and you won’t have any trouble setting it up because it comes with a wall mount that you can install without drilling. This is great because it means you can set it up quickly and without damaging your walls.

It’s also designed to monitor your baby’s breathing without the need for additional devices. This is important because it helps you ensure your baby is safe and sound without complicating things. You’ll get immediate warnings if there’s any noise or movement, allowing you to react quickly when needed.

You and others who care for your baby can watch over them with ease, giving everyone peace of mind. With the Nanit Pro app, you can check on your baby from your phone at any time, whether it’s day or night. This monitor offers a lot more benefits that make it stand out from other baby monitors.

Unlike other monitors, the Nanit Pro lets you watch two cameras at once with its Split Screen feature. This is great for watching twins or two different rooms at the same time.

Setting it up is simple because it comes with a Wall Mount that meets safety standards.

Using the Nanit Pro App

The Nanit Pro App lets you easily watch your baby sleep and check their health. It works with your Nanit Pro Baby Monitor to show you a clear picture on your phone, in full HD, even at night because of its night vision.

The app doesn’t need any extra sensors to tell you if your baby’s breathing changes, which helps you feel calm and safe. Both you and others who help take care of your baby can use the app at the same time to watch over them.

This app is simple to set up and makes watching your baby simple and advanced.


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4.8 av 5

Est. price: $380

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A bit cost but it’s a very good baby monitor

April 21, 2024

It has a good camera and the “track sleeping” feature is really cool!

But today you can find cheaper baby monitors that are still good enough for most people…

Charles Berger
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Editor's Rating

4.8 av 5

Est. price: $380